Why would I need an English language consultant?

You may consider yourself fluent in English, or you have access to English language apps that promise you that they will provide a high-level of editing and consulting. Professional and academic writing is highly technical, specialized, and can be considered a unique “art form” that requires years of practice to master. Connecting with your target audience requires dexterity in crafting sentences, using specific phrasing, and in word-pairing and using language nuances. There is no app available that can meet these demands. We have certified and experienced consultants here trained to provide you professional consulting services to help you connect effectively with your professional audience.

Contact us at: badeaurm@outlook.com


Our consulting services

* Professional manuscript language checking
* Professional proofreading services
* Language editing for grant proposals
* Academic document and essay proofreading
* Meeting up-to-date, writing-style requirements
* Content management consulting
* Workshop instruction
* Ghost writing

All of these services include an option for a virtual consultation.

We guarantee a rapid return time back to you with your project.


We will get you published!

We have a proven track record of success. We have over 7 years of experience in working with clients and understand the mechanics in the academic publication and proposal writing processes.

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