We are based in Bryan, Texas, and our firm was established in January of 2014. We founded Aura because many language checking firms do not publish their own material, actively. Many journal editors seek well-written and modern technical writing methods, and language checkers do not have the advanced knowledge and experience that pertains to scientific and medical writing. Because we, at Aura, are active researchers and project leaders, we need to publish regularly. We created Aura to help other investigators succeed at meeting the rigorous language demands expected by prestigious journals. Our staff has training in both English communications and science. Lastly, many authors are fluent in English, but technical writing can be a challenge. Our mission is to get you published.

Our staff is comprised of American native English speakers who have received Ph.D.’s in science and minor degrees in English communications. This gives tremendous consulting expertise to help you meet your publishing goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lead consultant

Robert M. Badeau, Ph.D., M.Sc.

Robert has 25 original peer-reviewed publications, over 7 years of post-doctoral experience, is a faculty member, and is a member of various scientific and communication societies.

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Our direct phone line is:

+00 1-603-767-3869

Our email is:


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